Special Section in Conservation Biology 

"Challenges of and Solutions to Human‐Wildlife Conflicts in Agricultural Landscapes"

HJ. König, C. Kiffner, S. Kramer-Schadt, C. Fürst, O. Keuling, A.T. Ford 

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Farm-level indicators for crop and landscape diversity derived from agricultural beneficiaries data

S. Uthes, E. Kelly, HJ. König

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Biodiversity constraint indicator establishment and its optimization for urban growth: framework and application

C. Sun, S. Xu, W. Qi, C. Chen, Y. Deng, N. Pei, HJ. König

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Germany‘s wolves in the crosshairs

C. Kiffner, G. Chapron, HJ. König

Our recent letter in SCIENCE about changes in the German Nature Conservation Act which aims at relaxing lethal control of wolves (Canis lupus). A critical reflection on possible consequences: 

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