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Human-Wildlife Coexistence in Science & Practice (2021)

HJ. König, N. Carter, S. Ceaușu, C. Lamb., A. Ford, C. Kiffner

(in Conservation Science & Practice)

Integrated framework for stakeholder participation: Methods and tools for identifying and addressing human–wildlife conflicts (2021)

HJ. König, S. Ceaușu, M. Reed et al. 

(in Conservation Science & Practice)

Citizen science as a bottom‐up approach to address human–wildlife conflicts: From theories and methods to practical implications (2021)

EF. Ostermann‐Miyashita, N. Pernat, HJ. König

(in Conservation Science & Practice)

Challenges of and Solutions to Human‐Wildlife Conflicts in Agricultural Landscapes (2020)

HJ. König, C. Kiffner, S. Kramer-Schadt, C. Fürst, O. Keuling, A.T. Ford 
(in Conservation Biology)

Farm-level indicators for crop and landscape diversity derived from agricultural beneficiaries data (2020)

S. Uthes, E. Kelly, HJ. König

(in Ecological Indicators)

Germany‘s wolves in the crosshairs (2019)

C. Kiffner, G. Chapron, HJ. König 


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